Winning A Bet - A Guide on How to Use Moneyline Bets

In a gambling world, there are some types of sports bets. One of them is Moneyline Bets. This sports bet is commonly played by all players especially the expert one. What is Moneyline Bets? This kind of bet involves two teams in a match. As you probably know that there will be a favorite team and underdog team. A favorite team is a team who predicted to be a winner in the match. Meanwhile, the underdog team is a team who predicted to be a loser in the match. Therefore, the player needs to pick one team as the favorite. If the chosen team is the winner of the game, then the player wins the bet. In order to increase the possibility of gambling, you need to understand a guide on how to use Moneyline bets.

How Does Moneyline Work?

As mentioned previously that you need to pick up one team to guess the result of the match. You may think that it will be better to pick up the favorite team who has a high chance to win the match. Then, in the end, the team becomes the winner and you can take your bet. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There is a rule in Moneyline Bet. You need to bet a higher amount of money when you pick up the favorite team. However, if you choose the underdog team, you need to bet less money than the prizes. Here is the example of the Moneyline Bet.

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There are two teams, Team A and Team B. Based on statistic, team A is stronger than team B. It can be predicted that team A has a higher possibility to win the game. Therefore, in the sports book, there will be some rules. The Money Line will be set up as -200 for Team A and + 160 for Team B. What does it mean? The W88 Casino player who chooses Team A should pay $200 in order to get $100. On the other hand, the player who chooses Team B needs to pay $100 to get $160.

The possibility to win a bet will be higher when combining the Moneyline Bet with Parlay. You need to choose the underdog team and combine it with the Parlay. As a result, you can win a huge amount of prizes with a small bet and low risks. Picking up the underdog team is not so difficult. Yes, the possibility of the underdog team to win a match is lower than the favorite team. But, you can still use the strategy of 50: 50. What does it mean? You can bet your money 50% to pick up the underdog team. Meanwhile, the rest of the money can be put on the spread. So, you will still have a chance to win the bet even the underdog team lost in the match. Well, understanding a guide on how to use Moneyline bets will help the player to find their strategy.

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